If you do happen to check out my Mille Plateaux releases on a streaming service, or wish to purchase them through a digital retailer, I’d like it to be known that what they’ve uploaded as Object 10 (Bonus Track), on the album Object-Relations, is not my music, and I have no idea whose it is. I think I looked it up once, but I’ve since forgotten, and don’t care to investigate any further. I only became aware of this error when someone told me they’d listened to the album on Spotify, and that they really liked the last track on it - the actual Object 10 was one of the better tracks on that album, so I was glad to hear that, only to discover that the track they’d actually heard was not mine. No offense to whoever made it (I’m sure they’re a lovely person), but it’s obviously not by the same hand as the rest of the record, and if I were able to do anything about the matter, I would, but as noted, I’m not currently the copyright holder for the recordings, so no one will listen to my complaints. It is incorrect on every single online service where I’ve checked, which is, putting it lightly, some bullshit. Don’t misread this as me steering you away from streaming and towards a purchase in order to line my pockets - I’ve never been paid a dime by Mille Plateaux, as they are crooks, and I have no interest in helping them make anything further off of me. As can likely be inferred by this point in my ranting, I had a generally bad experience with Mille Plateaux, though it is still surprising that their ineptitude was so great that, when it came time to upload their catalogue to then-new streaming services like Spotify and established digital retailers like iTunes, they couldn’t be bothered to even check that they were uploading the right stuff. Ultimately, I would appreciate it if you’d just avoid those releases of mine - they’re not that good, and if you can’t even hear the right thing, don’t bother.

If you really must hear them, I’m fully OK with you finding them on filesharing services (if you can), or you could just email me and I’ll send you a zip of something I like better. I am, however, currently working on resuming ownership of the copyright, as my contract with the now-very-defunct Mille Plateaux is set to expire in summer 2021. I’m doing this mostly in the interest of fixing their error, by getting those albums taken off streaming services, but until that time, the best I can do is offer this here warning, along with the opinion that those records rank among the worst of my work, so you’d be better served by avoiding them altogether and listening to what I’ve got on this site instead. I only mention their existence in the interest of completeness (I won’t hide my past, but I will gripe about it), and because I’ve been consistently told things along the lines of, “it’s cool you were on the same label as Alva Noto”. Maybe I’d agree if I’d ever met Dieter from Sprockets personally, but as it stands, I regard that whole period with a general distaste, and am quite glad to have moved past it.