And now, just after I finish my rant about not really liking techno, we’ve got two tracks of straight-ahead acid. Wonderful. Pie in the face. Dunk tank. Fart sound.

This is a split EP with my dearest bro, coworker, former bandmate, and so much more, David Paha, aka Fiction Wisdom. He made the cover art and thought it would be a good image to use for an album, so we decided to each put together two tracks for it - I’ll leave it to him to say elsewhere what he wants about his tracks, though I think they bang; verily, they bang hard. My tracks are a pair of acid joints, named inexplicably after phones. I’m not really sure what that’s about, but I had just gotten married, so I’ll say I was that special mixture of exhausted and happy that comes once the ordeal of putting a wedding together is finally over.