In April of 2016, I got booked to play a couple shows in the SF Bay Area, with my friends Raphael Arar, Matthew Hettich and Renzo Gorrio, among a few others. I decided that I wanted to challenge myself and make an unabashedly danceable set of all-new material for the occasion, as I’d long felt myself flirting with dance music, but never going all-in on the form. Thus were the tracks that comprise the Geist, Kairo and Zorya EPs born - most of them were made late at night, in either my spare room or at the Cargo office (where I could be far louder than at home), and everything was done in Ableton.

Geist would be, I’d say, the most obviously “fun” and “upbeat” of the trio. It’s mostly 4/4 stuff, with fat kick drums, funky basslines and glittering synth arpeggios. While I was working on one of these tracks, my wife came into the room and asked if I was listening to the music from WaveRace 64 - I don’t think I’ve ever been given higher praise than that. 

Sam Gendel and Sam Jones contributed sax and keys, respectively, to Raum and the cover art was drawn by Raphael Arar.