This is a collection of remixes I did for various friends in the summer of 2010. Some of them came out on compilations or as the bonus tracks on other albums/EPs, and some just sat on my hard drive until, in latest 2014, I began the Hoofwerk project.

After the dissolution of Tired Device as an active band, I wanted to start making solo, beat-driven music again, but this time with a more obvious sense of humor and lightness than back in my Mille Plateaux days. It’s not that I wanted to make joke tracks or anything, and I always take the ultimate quality of my music seriously, but I wanted to stop being so self-consciously “dark’ and serious all the time - couldn’t I have fun on occasion, while also making music that wasn’t garbage?

So, while I was working on the first proper Hoofwerk releases, I thought back to those remixes I’d done a few years previously, and felt that they would fit well as a part of this new project. Because all the remixes were done in the same summer, they sound remarkably similar to one another, despite being sourced from a variety of artists with little in common. This might also speak to the general failure of IDM remix culture, that the results generally have little to do with the source tracks, but I think I toed that line pretty effectively.

Massive thanks to Sam Jones, Eric Bray, Anthony Cantor, Rob Uslan, Matthew Hettich, Sean Price, Renzo Gorrio and Andrew Clinco for letting me mess with their music and put it up here. Cover art by Michael Keusch, with text laid out by Annelise Baer.