The Zorya EP opens with the first track made for this batch, Utrennyaya, which features more Sun Ra vocal samples. That track is my attempt at a wide-eyed and triumphant opener, which it was in my live sets at the time. Vechernyaya puts my spin on a UK hardcore-type sound, with a wordless vocal cut-up of Demis Roussos of Aphrodite’s Child, Jhonn Balance of Coil, unnamed singers from Vangelis and DMX Krew tracks, and I think some others. The finale, Polunochnaya, is, in all honesty, exactly what 18 year old me always hoped he’d pull off: something that makes me feel the same intangible joy and sadness that Squarepusher’s immortal Beep Street does (Hasty Boom Alert by µ-Ziq
gets me there as well). It feels like a fitting conclusion to this trio of EPs, being my attempt at coming to terms with dance music, no longer feeling like I needed to be a standoffish dick about it, and that I could let loose sometimes and make something fun.

The album and track titles refer to the sisters of Slavic folklore, specifically to their names as given in Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. Cover art, as with the others, by Raphael Arar.