This project began when Sam Jones sent me the guitar part for the first track here, Pivot, and asked if I wanted to do something with it. I recorded the drums for it and sent it back, and before I knew it, Sam and I were swapping tracks back and forth for a few weeks, resulting in this album. Despite the fact that, at the time, we didn’t live but 3 miles away from each other, it’s funny that we never worked on any of it in the same room - he would do his parts at his studio, and I would do mine in my spare room. Sam and I have been making music together since we were in college, but prior to this it had always been for live performance, or as improvisation in the studio; we’d never actually written music together before.

The seeds of what would, a couple years later, become Luther Burbank can be found here - Vikram Devasthali played trombone on Syzygy, and provided the vocal on Pivot, on which Sam Gendel also played sax. Alexis Marsh gave us some Blade Runner Love Theme sax for Purity Control, while Richard Sears tickled the ivories on Time Walk.

The track titles are, of course, mostly references to either X-Files episodes (Syzygy, Purity Control) or Magic: The Gathering cards (Time Walk, Arboria) - Pivot comes simply from Vik’s lyric. Sam made the cover art, a blown-up version of which adorned the wall of my my office until we moved out of that place.