The only album in my discography that could be described, without telling any tales out of school, as “noise music”, Red Door is a document of a particularly memorable live performance I did with my dear friend Scott Cazan, in June 2012, at Betalevel, the greatest venue there is, ever was, and ever shall be. The front door there is painted a deep red, hence the title of the album.

I played my modular synth, and Scott played his homebrew SuperCollider patches and processed violin. It was totally freely improvised, with no prior preparation in any regard other than booking the show. We were joined on the bill that night by Casey Anderson, Bill Hutson (soon to be of clipping. fame) and John Wiese.

Our performance was recorded direct out of the soundboard at Betalevel, and mastered onto tape by Greh Holger (Hive Mind, Chondritic Sound). It was released as the first cassette by my until-then-digital-only label, Khalija Records.

The cover image for the digital release here is a photo taken on the street outside of Betalevel, by Michael Keusch.