This is a document of a particularly arresting live performance we did at my all-time favorite venue, Betalevel, in Chinatown, Los Angeles, under the light of a full moon. There were three people in the audience: Casey Anderson (operating the venue), Vikram Devasthali (who had performed a spoken word piece of Star Trek erotica as a warm-up act) and Stephanie German. The players for the evening were:

Wyatt Keusch: electric guitar, vocals
Ang Wilson: flower-controlled synthesizer
Ethan Braun: FM synthesizer
Sam Jones: pedal effect units
James Lake: bass clarinet
Brian Griffith: electric bass
Adam Ratner: electric guitar

Trevor Blake performed live video synth emanations while we played, and captured the set on his Zoom recorder, which is what’s ended up on this album, after some light mastering. It’s been split into two parts due to length and the nature of uploading to Bandcamp, but is otherwise unaltered. The cover photo is by Michael Keusch, as always, taken near my grandmother’s house in Bochum, Germany.