On July 4th, 2019, I went on a long walk around the Hahamongna watershed while talking on the phone with Matt Hettich, over in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He had been expressing to me how much he missed my old label, Khalija, and since that seemed to be the general consensus felt by the other former Khalija artists I’d talked to, we decided to start a new label. We wanted it to be a place for a group of geographically-disparate weirdos to feel a sense of belonging, a place to share what they were up to, and to be a part of something, in what is often a cold and indifferent musical world.

Once we’d decided to go ahead with the idea, and were discussing possible names, I rounded a corner in the wash, and emerged from some trees, finding, square in my path, three adult redtailed hawks. As they stood there, sternly regarding me, seeming to wait with the smallest amount of patience for me to leave them to their business, I felt the certainty that this was the right call, and that our starting a new label would be a productive venture.

We decided to call the label ELEXVE, and to have our first release be a compilation. Matt suggested the theme be ephemeral, rather than centering around a genre, piece of gear, or other material concern. We settled on the idea of dream travel, which was a hit amongs the contributors, and led to the name of the album, Oneironautica. I’m absolutely blown away by what everyone produced for this compilation, and can’t wait to see what they come up with as things move forward.