I’ve tended historically to treat myself with a fair amount of cruelty, in mental terms, or at least that’s been a persistent facet of my outlook on myself. I haven’t generally let myself “get away with things”, and it’s often been far easier to convince myself I’m an utter failure than it is to let myself feel good about my accomplishments, whatever they may be.

I was walking around my local mall one summer afternoon, with this type of self-abusing inner monologue droning on, when I thought that making a “guitar record” might help me break out of some patterns - I’d been making lots of beats and electronic tracks for 7-8 months beforehand, and was starting to judge myself pretty harshly on their quality, so I went back home, dusted off the Telecaster, and got to work on this. It’s all Tele into Ableton - I didn’t bother getting out pedals or amps, so it’s all DI through...I think a Presonus Firebox? Unsure what I was using then, it was either that or one of the Native Instruments interfaces...in either case, nothing especially “nice”, though I would consider it very nice indeed that you can record music without going broke, these days.

The titles are all streets around one of the most “special” parts of the greater Los Angeles area - “special” for entirely personal reasons, so don’t expect any staggering revelations if you manage to find where they are.

The cover image is by my father, Michael Keusch, taken from a photo series he made in Zerpenschleuse, Brandenburg, Germany. My dad does most of my album covers. It rules.