No Heavy Hitters is a collection of one-offs and compilation appearances from the Khalija Records archives. The tracks here were all made between 2010-2013; some of them are my solo work, others are collaborations. Long Winter features Ethan Braun on electric piano, and was made in simple tribute to my absolute favourite time of year. May all your winters be long.

Rāvana is a live modular synth & violin improvisation recorded with Sam Jones, which originally appeared on the Telemetry compilation for Khalija. In The Middle Of All Distance was released as a part of Khalija’s Singles Series, in spring of 2011. It features Ethan Braun on piano, and also marks the only time I actually used the gigantic Tascam tape machine/studio desk that took up so much valuable space in my room.

Stitchlings was also made for the Telemetry compilation, and is a collaboration with Tony Cantor. An edit of this piece appears on the self-titled Tired Device album, as Tony wasn’t super into my clean & melodic guitar playing at the end. Admittedly, the version on that album works better there without my pretty coda, but I like my edit too, so here it is. Kairo (2010) was released on the Simulacra compilation, and comes from the same batch of tracks I assembled under my Hoofwerk Remixes collection (though this one isn’t a remix of anything). Despite sharing a title, this one has nothing to do with the Hoofwerk track Kairo that I would release in 2016.
I just really like that movie.

Lung Ring is a solo modular synth performance, and was my contribution to Khalija’s Janus compilation, released in 2013. Imposition Of Dream is a re-rendering of an entire Ethan Braun solo performance given at Peace Yoga in downtown Los Angeles, in November 2010. He’d asked me to come down and record the show for him, which I did, and once I got home, I thought it would be interesting to do a full remix of it, keeping the length exactly the same as the original performance. I’m not sure if Ethan has his original up anywhere online, but here’s mine.

The cover art is a photo by my father, Michael Keusch, taken somewhere in Vancouver, BC.