“It is a matter of entering, passing into the interior and, in passing into the interior of finding oneself, paradoxically, outside.... The relationship involved is essentially that of the external, the visible, the exoteric..., and the internal, the invisible, the esoteric..., or the natural and the spiritual world. To depart from the where...is to leave the external or natural appearances that enclose the hidden realities.... This step is made in order for the Stranger, the gnostic, to return home - or at least to lead to that return.
But an odd thing happens: once this transition is accomplished, it turns out that henceforth this reality, previously internal and hidden, is revealed to be enveloping, surrounding, containing what was first of all external and visible, since by means of interiorization one has departed from that external reality. Henceforth it is spiritual reality that...contains the reality called material.”
-Henry Corbin