In the summer of 2017, my friend Ulrich Krieger gave me a folder of solo saxophone and contrabass clarinet recordings he’d made and never done anything with, saying I was welcome to use them for my own purposes. This album was born from that folder - mixed with field recordings my dad sent me from his home in Berlin, snippets captured on my own from various Californian locales, and some semi-generative synthesizer devices I cobbled together on the laptop.

I’m listening to the album while writing this, for the first time in a while, and I’m realizing that I’d forgotten about the whole sections that came from an abortive album recording with my former band, Tired Device (Sam Jones, David Paha, James Lake, Matt Hettich & Andrew Clinco). We recorded the beginnings of 4 songs, then things sort of fell apart and those recordings were left to languish on my computer until I decided that they’d fit in here.

The cover photo was, as always, taken by my dad, Michael Keusch, somewhere on the way towards Poland, and is my nod to the KLF’s timeless and brilliant Chill Out.

Justified and ancient.