‘s-Hertogenbosch is my duo with Ethan Braun - for this album, I had made a selection of tracks for Ethan to play piano over, so we recorded his parts at Sam Jones’s studio and I started trying to fit the whole thing together. Once I heard Ethan’s parts, however, I found I didn’t really like my tracks all that much, and eventually I decided it would be best to just scrap them entirely. I used Akira’s software, Argeïphontes Lyre, to play with the time domain of Ethan’s piano parts, and layered the whole thing together into this album. We think it works, and though Ethan remains forever complimentary of my scrapped tracks, I don’t regret leaving them out.

The cover image was made by me, and the title of the album as well as all the tracks is simply “The Crayfish”. We have it in Dutch, German, Swedish and English.